The Art of LOVE Tour 2017

  • Client: Social+America
  • Category: Digital/Media Campaign

The Art of Love Tour 2017 (AOLT) is a 50-state interactive, eclectic-modern experience that combines and connects people through different expressions and mediums of LOVE. Their mission is to use LOVE (the common connector), to bring people together for memories to be created, relationships established and differences to be shared.

The approach: To share and spread LOVE through the use of multi-sensory experiences with all people, in all states via social media and live streaming. Working with the AOLT team we created a strategic plan and implemented omni channel campaigns around the concept that AOLT "connects with people, not consumers", positioning AOLT with strategic partners who align themselves with the mission of AOLT.

The result: Spreading LOVE across America. Over 250,000 have already signed or acknowledged the LOVE pledge, strategic flagship events confirmed where social engagement and demonstrations of LOVE will be performed through upscale experiences. Public and sponsor participation of auxiliary events with grass root approaches to spreading LOVE and promote the sharing of authentic conversations around LOVE.