MINA Medical Mobile App

  • Client: Wonderhealth, LLC
  • Category: Marketing Strategy

MINA is a mobile app created by two doctors (husband and wife) who wanted to change the way patients keep and share their medical records. Using technology patients can share their up-to-date health history with providers efficiently, safely & securely without filling out multiple paper forms, over and over again. On completion of the app their biggest challenge was getting people to download the app and providers to sign up for the new technology.

The approach: By targeting Millennials who are the biggest users of mobile apps, and Generation X who are the caregivers for the Baby Boomers, we developed a new marketing strategy, brand bible, and campaigns for social media, radio and television, to promote the benefits of using MINA. Simultaneously we promote online info-sessions to local practitioners, dentists and veterinarians introducing them to the benefits of MINA and then inviting them to "Schedule a Live Demo".

The result: a pipeline of new users and providers. Keeping only the existing logo, a new brand was developed including a new tag line, position statement, mission and vision. A referral program for users to refer their provider was activated and information on how to onboard patients was added to the Provider Manual. New content was created both in Spanish and English reinforcing the 3 pillars: (1) Safe & Secure (2) Simple & Easy to Use and (3) Socially Aware.