Crowdfunding Site

  • Client: FoodStart
  • Category: Graphic/Web Design/Development

When FoodStart, The Crowd Funding Platform For Restaurants, Breweries, and Food Trucks got the phone call to go onto Shark Tank they called BLD. Needing a presentation and graphics that would tell their unique story while showing the value-add to their start-up company was their number one priority.

FoodStart Crowdfunding Site

The approach: any successful sales pitch can benefit from telling the story of the brand and product, and when you do this effectively, you will create a stronger connection between you and your buyers, in this case Shark Tank Investors. This connection is often based on the fact that they can relate to FoodStart's mission on a personal level, giving them even more reason to invest.

The result: primarily the pitch was to the Shark Tank Investors but as millions of viewers tuned in to watch the show, other investors and future restaurant owners, food truck vendors and brewers learned about FoodStart Crowdfunding services. Increase in sign-ups, investors and new businesses in the community makes FoodStart the place to get funding for a new food start-up.

FoodStart Crowdfunding Site