Original's by Africas Best

  • Client: House of Cheatham
  • Category: Graphic/Web Design/Development

A well known African American Hair Product Line "Organics" by Africa's Best was informed that a new law had been made and that their use of the word "organic" would have to be replaced within a short period of time. The challenge was to rebrand the line with a new name but still keep the existing customer-base.

Organics by Africas Best

The approach: Analyzie the existing packaging, website and other marketing materials and create a new, fresher design incorporating the existing models to reassure their customer-base that it was the same product but with a new name, look and feel. Create a buzz around the new brand introducing the product line to new customers while educating their current loyal customer-base.

The result: all products across the country were replaced with the new product line within the deadline without loosing any sales or share of the market. Customers reported that they love the new look and feel and the campaign around the name change provided an opportunity to make the product line "top of mind" when choosing an African American hair product.

Originals by Africas Best