Georgia Gives Day Campaign

  • Client: Social Georgia
  • Category: Digital/Media Campaign

Social Georgia helps non-profits to fundraise and bring awareness to their organization during the Georgia Gives Day campaign held every year. Their 12 Days of Kindness campaign brings awareness to their non-profits and Georgia Gives Day with an annual event to raise funds for those non-profits to provide the needed resources to achieve sustainability.

Social Georgia 12-Days of Kindness
Social Georgia 12-Days of Kindness

The approach: using a multi-dimensional approach to content marketing: we began to blog, share the non-profit's story on Facebook, create videos on YouTube, and share announcements on Twitter. By allowing the non-profit organizations a platform to share their stories and how they impact the communities.

The result: we were able to create a content strategy that aligned with Social Georgia's mission: To be a movement of social thinkers who use collaboration and innovation to grow communities through acts of kindness, education on sustainability for nonprofits and relationship building between donors and recipients.